• Position Control of Parallel Mechanisms (Stewart Platform) for Perception Management and Desktop Flight Simulator Application (Mechatronics Engineering Graduation Thesis)
  • Integral Action LQR Cruise Control by State and Disturbance Estimation with Kalman Filter (Mechanical Engineering Graduation Thesis)
  • A Server & Client Interface Design (C#) with TCP/IP Protocol and Video Communication for Wireless Motor Driving And Control (Communication Systems Course)
  • Dual Axis Solar Tracking System (Electronic Circuits Course)
  • 0~30 Volt Power Supply Design and Production (Analog Electronics)
  • Tracking Line Hobby Robot With PID Controller (Microprocessor and Programming Course)
  • Temperature Feedback Based Fan Control Unite (Mechatronics Systems Course)
  • Scrolling Text on 32X8 Dot Matrix Led Message Board (Logic Circuits Course)
  • Design Of Thermal Control Room And Prototype Production (Machine Design I Course)